Consumer Protection Association: Only 11 Goods Are Not Affected by VAT Hike

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Consumer Protection Association: Only 11 Goods Are Not Affected by VAT Hike

Deputy Head of the Consumer Protection Association, Nada Nehme, on Thursday noted that there are only 11 items of purchased goods that are not affect by the VAT hike, stressing the need for the people to seize the upcoming parliamentary polls as an opportunity to put to account the lawmakers who voted for the taxes.

Nehme explained via LBCI channel that the items that are spared the 11% VAT are the following: processed milk, dairy products, cheese, bread, rice, salt, bulgur, sugar, flour, pasta, meat, chicken, fish, vegetables and fruits.

Nehme, however, criticized that yachts are not affected by the VAT hike while grains are, saying that a consumer had reported that the price of one kilogram of chickpeas has witnessed an increase of LBP 2250.

Nehme revealed that prices of goods increased even before the taxes were approved, adding that a 3.13% hike was recorded in the first quarter of 2017, while prices rose by 1.21% in the second quarter of the year.

"They convinced people that taxes are in their favor, but the reality is quite different," she said, warning that taxes would have negative repercussions on all sectors.

It is noteworthy to mention that the Consumer Protection Association is different from the Directorate of Consumer Protection which falls under the authority of the Ministry of Economy. To report any complaints about price increases, you can contact the association’s hotline: 01/750650.