Hakim: State Budget Must Include Reforms

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Hakim: State Budget Must Include Reforms

Former Economy Minister Alain Hakim warned against approving the 2018 state budget without introducing any reforms into it, hoping that it would not be an identical copy of the 2017 budget.

In remarks published in the Kuwaiti Assiyassah newspaper, Hakim stressed the need for the new budget to include a clear plan to boost the economic growth, saying that it is no longer acceptable to maintain extra-budgetary spending two months after the year start.

"If the biggest part of the 2018 budget is dedicated to expenditures without mentioning any developmental projects or plans to improve the economy, then this would mean that squandering will go on and that the public debt will further increase," Hakim warned.

"Anyway, the state budget must be approved before the international donor conferences set to take place in the coming months and should not be linked to the parliamentary elections."

Source: Kataeb.org