Eli Lake
Eli Lake

Eli Lake is a Bloomberg View columnist who writes about politics and foreign affairs. He was previously the senior national security correspondent for the Daily Beast.

Iran Gets Tillerson's Approval But It's Still on Notice

Remember all those warnings not to normalize Donald Trump's presidency? Well, it looks like when it comes to Iran, the presidency has started to normalize Trump. On Tuesday evening, Secretary of State Rex Tillerson certified that Iran was in compliance with the nuclear bargain negotiated by Trump's predecessor, Barack Obama, and five other powers. We are a long way from Trump's campaign rhetoric, when he said that deal was the worst deal in the history of deal-making.

How Trump Could Finally Win the War on Terror

When Donald Trump becomes president next month, he will inherit a long war that risks becoming a permanent one. George W. Bush began it after 9/11, when he called it the "war on terror." Barack Obama has tried and failed to end it. "Democracies should not operate in a state of permanently authorized war," he warned in his last major national security speech Monday. In this spirit, he laid out a series of principles he believed should guide America's counterterrorism efforts.