Hassan Hassan
Hassan Hassan
Associate Fellow at Chatham House's Middle East and North Africa Programme and Non-Resident Fellow at the Tahrir Institute for Middle East Policy, in Washington DC.

The Syrian Regime Has Made Many Gains this Year, but It Is Too Early to Tell Whether It's Game Over

Throughout the conflict in Syria, multiple foreign interventions have come to the rescue of the regime. As the situation in Syria appears to be heading to a resolution in favour of Bashar Al Assad, it is worth recalling the history of how the regime was lifted up by these interventions, and where the situation in the country stands today.

Despite Heavy Losses, ISIL’s Structures Remain Resilient

ISIL is at its weakest point since its rise in the summer of 2014. After more than 1,000 days of relentless American-led operations against it, ISIL has suffered on all fronts. The once well equipped and 35,000-strong organisation now appears to be depleting. As the group’s territorial base nears collapse, a fitting question is how the success of the 60-nation campaign should be appropriately measured.

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