Leonid Bershidsky
Leonid Bershidsky

Bloomberg View columnist. He is a Berlin-based writer, author of three novels and two nonfiction books.

Saudi Arabia's Expropriations Should Scare Investors

The government of Saudi Arabia is reportedly offering to exchange the wealth of allegedly corrupt royals and officials for their freedom. This is a tactic that has been used by post-Soviet regimes, most widely in Georgia under President Mikheil Saakashvili, but also in President Vladimir Putin's Russia. While it can be effective in supplementing government coffers, it's not great for a country's institutions and business climate.

Putin's Parade Has Been Rained Out

Every year, the Russian military puts on a display of military might on May 9 dedicated to the Soviet Union's World War II victory. This year, it is being hyped in a banner headline on the Drudge Report, a leading right-leaning news site in the U.S., as an impressive show of force of Russian President Vladimir Putin's power: