Shadi Hamid
Shadi Hamid

A fellow at the Center for Middle East Policy, The Brookings Institution

Iran's Protests and the Myth of Benign Silence

When protesters in the Middle East take to the streets against their regimes, the United States finds itself in a dilemma, particularly when those regimes are allies. The United States, as a statement of policy, is committed to supporting democracy abroad and standing with democracy activists and dissidents. But how does it do that if it’s also committed to the survival of governments that—also as a matter of policy—deny their citizens basic freedoms?

The Muslim Brotherhood and the Question of Terrorism

Is the Muslim Brotherhood a terrorist organization? The Trump administration is reportedly considering an executive order designating the group as exactly that. I’ve struggled with how to respond to this question. Responding with facts, as researchers are rightly tempted to do, is important, but it misses the point and presumes that this is, in the first place, a question in search of facts.