Belarus in Five Days

Belarus is off the radar of most travellers, but this rarely explored corner of eastern Europe has just given them the legislative equivalent of a come-hither glance: loosening entry requirements to allow citizens of 80 countries to visit visa-free for up to five days, as long as you arrive by air (or via one land border where visa-free entry is being trialled).

Meet the Models Out to Change Plus-Size Fashion

Though the runways are beginning to reflect the diversity found in real life, fashion’s options for women over a size 12 remain limited. The cutting-edge styles created for fashion month rarely extend into larger sizes, and women in search of cool can still find themselves held back by a number. Universal Standard aims to change all that. Offering elevated basics up to size 28, it has become a leader amongst the burgeoning new subset of labels dedicated to plus-size luxury. “We found it difficult to find a T-shirt that doesn’t have a kitten, or a puppy, or some bad French on it,” says cofounder Polina Veksler at the brand’s headquarters in New York. “Why can’t we have those grown-up clothes—why must everything look like you’re perpetually headed to a baby shower? We’re real people who care about style, and we wanted to bring that to the market.”

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