Anthony Labaky

Labaky: People Now Realized How Much Taxes Will Affect Their Lives

Head of the Kataeb's Students and Youth Department, Anthony Labaky, assured on Saturday that the party will take part in tomorrow's rally in Beirut to protest against the taxes "calamity" approved by the Parliament earlier this week, noting that members of the National Liberal Party, the Communist Party and civil society groups will also join the demonstration.

Labaky: Settlements, Compromises Undermined Cedars Revolution's Vigo

Head of Kataeb's Students and Youth Department Anthony Labaky said Tuesday that focus on the goals on which the Cedars Revolution was based is missing today, blaming setllements and compromises for undermining the revolution's vigor. "We are living in a country that doesn't resemble the one we dreamed of. Sovereignty is incomplete and the state's decision-making is not fully free," he said in an interview with Voice of Lebanon radio station.