This Is What a Million Dollar Arab Bride-Shaped Wedding Cake Looks Like

Last week, The Bride Show at Dubai World Trade Center revealed a million dollar wedding cake in the shape of an Arab bride. Celebrity cake artist Debbie Wingham, who launched the world’s most expensive edible shoes last November at Raffles Dubai, returned to the five-star hotel to create and reveal the million dollar wedding cake, which has been modelled on a traditional Arabic bride.

Detente in the Persian Gulf is in Everyone's Interests

Regimes that crave U.S. support in their regional rivalries are apt to strike two different postures that may seem contradictory but really aren’t. They publicly play up the supposed threatening nature and incorrigibility of the rival, to keep Americans thinking that the United States should take sides against the rival. But they also realize that unending hostility and tension are not in their own best interests. They realize that there are two sides to every dispute, that compromise and conciliation are necessary to keep conflict from escalating, and that peace in their neighborhood is better than war.