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Is $60 Million Really Not Enough for the Obamas?

In collecting $400,000 from a Wall Street investment firm to make a single speech, Barack Obama is following in the Gucci-clad footsteps of past presidents. Ronald Reagan landed a $2 million speaking gig in Japan. George W. Bush, on his way out, announced it was time to “replenish the ol’ coffers.” Bill and Hillary Clinton reported making more than $235 million after leaving the White House.

Trump Should End Obama’s Hezbollah Failure

President Trump has a chance to rectify one of his predecessor’s worst failures to protect Americans from the combined scourge of drugs, terrorism, and Russian adventurism in Europe and the Middle East. On March 9th a dangerous terrorist just walked free from a Lebanese jail rather than facing extradition to the United States from the Czech Republic. And the two men most responsible for his freedom are scheduled to meet with Trump in April.