Farther Christmas: Places that Sound Perfect for a Festive Escape

Ella Fitzgerald, the Andrews Sisters and Bob Dylan have all crooned the question: ‘how’d ya like to spend Christmas on Christmas Island?’ This evergreen song sparks visions of faraway places with names as festive as the season it describes. Tempted to live out the lyrics for real? Then give yourself the gift of travel with a trip to one of these far-flung isles.

Slade, the Pogues or Mariah: Who Makes the Most at Christmas?

There are probably many veteran musicians who wish it could be Christmas every day, judging by the earnings decades-old songs can muster at this time of year. While Wizzard haven't made the top 10 of bands with the highest royalties from their Christmas song this year, it remains a lucrative business for Slade, who beat the band to the 1973 Christmas number one with Merry Xmas Everybody.