Elie marouni

Marouni Calls on Government to Benefit from One-Month Suspension Period

Kataeb MP Elie Marouni Thursday reiterated the party’s opposition to the Parliament term extension, calling for adopting a new electoral law that secures fair representation as soon as possible. “The Kataeb party has put forth several solutions and has been positive all the way. We have been also open to all electoral proposals that are based on one criterion and secure fair representation,” Marouni told New TV.

Marouni: Letter Sent by Former Presidents, PMs Is a Source of Strength

Kataeb MP Elie Marouni deemed political divergences as the main reason behind the failure to adopt a new electoral law, saying that a swift solution must be found so as to avert vacuum and the Parliament extension. “It is the Parliament's duty to put all electoral proposals to the vote. The one that gets most support should be ratified,” Marouni said in an interview on Al-Fajr radio station.

Marouni: Legal Experts Should Draft New Vote Law to Avoid Tailor-Cut System

Kataeb MP Elie Marouni stressed that the party is open to all electoral proposals provided that they would secure fair representation and adopt one criteria that is applied to all local forces. “Where do justice and the one- standard criteria stand in a law according to which half of deputies would be elected based on Lebanon one constituency and the other half based on cazas,” Marouni said in comment on FPM chief Gebran Bassil's hyrbid proposal.