Religion in Western Europe: 10 Key Insights

Most Christians in Western Europe today are non-practicing, but Christian identity still remains a meaningful religious, social and cultural marker, according to a new Pew Research Center survey of 15 countries in Western Europe. In addition to religious beliefs and practices, the survey explores respondents’ views on immigration, national identity and pluralism, and how religion is intertwined with attitudes on these issues.

Bonifacio: City of Cliffs Is France's Best-Kept Secret

An undiscovered beach town in Mediterranean Europe? Well, almost. Perched high up a white limestone cliff on the southern coast of Corsica lies the medieval town of Bonifacio. Known as the "Mediterranean's Sentinel," or simply, the "Citadel of Cliffs," it's arguably the best-kept secret in France. It's untroubled by summer crowds despite being in possession of beautiful cobblestone alleyways and a shoreline of sparkling waters.