The Most Ridiculous Jeans Trends of 2017

You don’t have to be a jean-ius to see the fashion industry has clearly gone mad. A pair of jeans have always been a classic ­wardrobe ­staple but this season designers have turned into denimcompoops. And they are charging us an arm and a leg for the privilege of wearing these denim disasters.

This Unbelievable Wedding Dress Is Made Out of Toilet Paper

New York designers wiped the competition in the 13th annual national Toilet Paper Wedding Dress Contest, with three locals making the top 10 out of 1,517 entrants. Van Tran, 26, of Brooklyn; Lindsay Hinz, 27, of Queens; and Augusto Manzanares, 33, of Manhattan, spared thousands of squares of Quilted Northern toilet paper to create gowns more fit for a cathedral than the crapper.