The US Should Take Note that There Is More to the Lebanese Political Mosaic than Hizbollah

Israel conducted wide-scale military exercises earlier this month, its largest for two decades, simulating an attack by Hizbollah. Nikki Haley, the US permanent representative to the UN, recently wrote that “just as Hizbollah is stepping up its efforts, the United States, and now the United Nations, are stepping up our efforts against them”.

A War with Hizbollah Would Essentially Mean War With Iran this Time Around

The possibility of an imminent war between Israel and Hizbollah has been growing as both Israeli and Hizbollah officials engage in fiery rhetoric about how damaging the next war will be (for the other side, of course). Convinced that Hizbollah has strong control over Lebanon’s state institutions, Israel is now threatening to target Lebanon’s infrastructure, institutions and army, while vowing to attack Israel’s nuclear facilities and cities.