Lara Saade

Saade: Parliament Created 'Dangerous Legal Vacuum' by Approving Electricity Plan

Kataeb leader's legal adviser, Lara Saade, warned that the Parliament has created a "dangerous legal vacuum" by failing to set out a transparent legal framework for the electricity plan and passing it as it is. In an interview with the Kataeb website, Saade the ruling authority is violating the laws, instead of tightening reforms and enforcing transparency.

Saade: Discriminatory Laws Need to Be Amended or Abolished in Lebanon

Kataeb leader's legal adviser, Lara Saade, on Friday stressed that rape is an unjustified crime whose perpetrator, not the victim, should be punished for, voicing the party's readiness to cooperate with all the concerned associations in order to amend or abolish all discriminatory laws. In an interview with Voice of Lebanon radio station, Saade hailed the campaign launched by Abaad NGO to shed the light on the society's unfair judgment against rape victims.