Michel Aoun

President Aoun Admits 'Some Gaps' Need to Be Filled in Salary Scale, Taxes Laws

President Michel Aoun on Thursday briefed the government on the outcome of the roundtable he had chaired at the Baabda Palace earlier this week, admitting that there are some gaps in the salary scale as well as the taxes laws which are being cleared. “It is important to approve the 2017 state budget, especially that the government is determined to submit the 2018 budget within the constitutional deadlines,” Aoun said at the beginning of the Cabinet session.

Machnouk Calls for Bringing Defense Strategy Back on Dialogue Table

Interior Minister Nouhad Machnouk on Thursday met with President Michel Aoun at the Baabda Palace, with talks featuring high on the recent developments in Arsal. Following the meeting, Machnouk noted that the major part of the territory where the Hezbollah-Nusra clashes took place is a disputed land between Lebanon and Syria, arguing that the government did not do anything wrong by not making a decision regarding this matter as it had nothing to do with the Lebanese territory.