Ministry of Economy and Trade

Hakim Says Fate of Kidnapped Truckers to Be Unveiled within 24 Hours

Minister of Economy Alain Hakim confirmed that nine of the truck drivers who were held captives on the Nasib crossing on the Syrian-Jordanian border have been released.   “14 truck drivers have been released up until last night. The fate of five others remains unknown,” the minister added.   Hakim said that at least 140 truck drivers were still stranded at the Jordanian-Saudi border and cannot return home due to the closure of the frontier.   The minister

Violations from All kinds!

The Consumer Protection Directorate and the interests of economy and trade in the provinces B1760 had detected and monitored the markets from January 19th till January 24th. As a result, measures have been set against violators.   The Ministry of Economy invited all citizens to call 1739 or use the “consumer protection Lebanon” application to report any abuse, fraud or any violation against the law.