Nabih Berri

Berri to Propose Voting System Next Week

Speaker Nabih Berri refuted claims that parliamentary void is constitutionally impossible to happen, deeming such allegations as a "mere heresy". "The Constitution is clear. Such interpretations are a mere heresy and nonsense," Berri told Al-Joumhouria newspaper, saying that those who spread these allegations know nothing about the law and the Constitution.

Berri Voices Utter Rejection of Purposeless Parliament Extension

Speaker Nabih Berri said that political forces have realized the urgent need for an electoral law, expecting deliberations to speed up so as to reach agreement on a new voting system. "A new electoral law will definitely be approved. That should happen within a few weeks, not months, because we are running out of time," Al-Joumhouria newspaper quoted Berri as telling his visitor.