Manu Ginobili's 'First' Puts Spurs One Game Away from Western Finals

When you're 39 and a future Hall of Famer, not many firsts come your way anymore on the court; especially when you're a four-time NBA champion in Year 15 of a career fast coming to a close. But in this case, Manu Ginobili's "first" snuffed out James Harden's last attempt at tying up Game 5 of the Western Conference semifinals, preserving San Antonio's 110-107 overtime victory.

LeBron James Wants to Own His Own NBA Team

LeBron James has plans for retirement -- but don't worry he's not planning to hang it up just yet. The 2016 Finals MVP said his "dream is to actually own a team" in the NBA. James made the comments during Wednesday's episode of the "Open Run" podcast, which is co-hosted by actor Jesse Williams and Stefan Marolachakis.