Archaeologists Restore Ancient Palmyra Artifacts in Damascus Museum

In the National Museum of Damascus, archaeologist Muntajab Youssef works on an ancient stone bust from Palmyra, one of hundreds of artifacts his team is painstakingly restoring after they were damaged by Islamic State. Centuries-old statues and sculptures were wrecked by the jihadists when they twice seized control of the old city in central Syria during the country’s war, which will go into its ninth year in March.

UNESCO: ‘Destroying Palmyra Is Cultural Cleansing of Syrian People'

Palmyra has symbolic importance in terms of cultural diversity and Syrian history, and that gave ISIS motivation to destroy more and more sites in the ancient city, said Nada Al Hassan, the chief of the Arab States Unit at UNESCO. More priceless artifacts have been destroyed by Islamic State (IS, formerly ISIS/ISIL) in Syria's ancient city of Palmyra, including part of a Roman amphitheater and the four-column ‘Tetra-pylon’ structure.

Majnoun Leila EN