Planned Refugee Center Burned Down in Sweden

A planned refugee shelter was burned down in Sweden Saturday with police saying the fire may have been started deliberately, the latest in a string of suspected arson cases targeting a huge influx of migrants. "Several buildings were burnt, including one which witnesses say has been destroyed completely," police said in a statement. "For the moment the cause of the fire is not certain but as there are reasons to suspect it may have been started deliberately, a preliminary arson inquiry has been opened."

World’s First Double Meteor Impact Found in Sweden

For the first time ever, Swedish scientists have discovered a double meteor impact from a fall that occurred hundreds of millions of years ago. Two meteoritic craters were found in just 16 kilometers one from another near the Swedish city of Östersund by a group of researchers from the University of Gothenburg. One of the craters is “enormous” with its diameter totaling 7.5 kilometers, while the second crater is 10 times smaller than its “neighbor.”