Zuckerberg in France: Facebook Chief to Face Pressure on Taxes From Macron

Fresh from saying "sorry" to European lawmakers, Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg holds talks with Emmanuel Macron on Wednesday where he will face renewed pressure over his company's tax policies. Zuckerberg apologised to the European Parliament on Tuesday for the "harm" caused by a huge breach of users' data and by a failure to crack down on fake news.

Dubai Police to Have Driverless Patrol Vehicles on Roads by 2020

Dubai Police plans to have driverless patrol vehicles operating on the emirate’s roads by 2020 and has signed a MoU with technology company Acacus Technologies to revamp its entire fleet, it was announced on Monday. According to the Dubai-based Acucus Technologies, the driverless vehicles will be implemented phase-wise, with the first phase being the installation of capabilities including cameras and video analytics.