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Cristiano Ronaldo Lifts Real Madrid Past Bayern Munich in Extra Time

Cristiano Ronaldo scored twice in extra time to complete a hat trick and take his career Champions League goal tally to an even 100 as Real Madrid advanced to the semifinals over 10-man Bayern Munich on Tuesday. Ronaldo found the breakthrough in the extra period with his second goal of the game -- though he appeared to be offside -- before adding a third to seal a 4-2 second-leg win, 6-3 on aggregate.

The Impact of Sugar and Fat on Your Brain, Researchers Say

A lot of research has been conducted to establish the risks that a high energy diet – high in saturated fat and sugar – poses to our health. The most common known results of such diets include obesity, heart disease and diabetes, but research suggests that a diet high in fat and sugar can also have a significant impact on our cognition – the way we learn, remember, and think.