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Manchester United, Lyon and Schalke All Reach Europa League Quarterfinals

A Juan Mata goal gave Manchester United a 1-0 win over Rostov at Old Trafford to send them into the Europa League quarterfinals with a 2-1 victory on aggregate on Thursday. Despite Jose Mourinho's side creating a host of chances, Mata's second-half strike was the only goal of the game, but it proved to be enough to take them into the last eight of the competition, although the night was slightly soured by the sight of Paul Pogba being forced off with injury after the break.

Drug Abusers Are Less Likely to Visit the Dentist Than the Public, Study Finds

Being addicted to drugs causes tooth decay, new research confirms. On average, those with cocaine and cannabis habits had about 3.5 less teeth, the study found. Adults who regularly used the latter snacked more often and eroded their own teeth, scientists claim. While some narcotics - including cocaine - caused chemical deterioration when applied to the teeth or gums.

Protesters Gather in Beirut to 'Defy Injustice'

In the wake of the tax hikes approved by the Parliament, protesters gathered in Beirut to raise their voice against the unfair levies imposed on the people and the failure to fight corruption. Former first Lady Joyce Gemayel took part in the protest along with Kataeb partisans and other social and political activists, calling on the people to defend its rights.