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25 of the World's Most Bright, Colorful Places, From Venice to Rio

In a world where phones offer a filter, sticker or effect for every photo, images can become more dramatic than the real thing. But there are still places that even Photoshop can't improve on, where nature's palette concocts colors that seem unreal, or where designers have turned ordinary neighborhoods into wonderlands. Here are 25 of the world's most colorful places. No filter necessary.

Trump Faces Russia Dilemma as Senate Overwhelmingly Passes New Sanctions

The Senate overwhelmingly passed a bill to slap new sanctions on Russia and prevent the White House from making any changes without Congressional review today despite the reservations expressed by the Trump administration. The enormous support from the Senate sets up a showdown between Congress and President Trump. The president expressed a desire to work with Russia throughout his campaign and tasked his secretary of state with improving relations between the two countries, but his policies have faced backlash as several people in Trump's inner circle remain under investigation by Congress and the Department of Justice in probes of Russian meddling in the 2016 election.