Emily Ratajkowski Is Being Accused of Copying Swimwear Designs from Lisa Marie Fernandez

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Emily Ratajkowski Is Being Accused of Copying Swimwear Designs from Lisa Marie Fernandez

In news we never imagined writing, there seems to be a war brewing in the world of swimwear with seasoned resort designer Lisa Marie Fernandez accusing Emily Ratajkowski’s newly launched line, Inamorata, of copying her designs.

Ratajkowski’s line made its debut to much fanfare in November 2017 with styles selling out almost immediately but Fernandez was quick to call out the model-cum-designer for copying two of her registered designs.

The designs in question are the Poppy one piece with knotted detailing in the front and the Leandra, an off-the-shoulder number, which, according to Fernandez, both have been in production for three years.

According to The Business of Fashion, Fernandez issued Inamorata with a cease-and-desist letter in relation to the two styles but as BoF notes in the United States copyright protection does not cover physically functional items, i.e. swimwear. However, Fernandez has invoked two European Union Community Design Registration certificates that were registered by the brand in 2015 and protect the supply of her registered designs into the EU until 2020 and Inamorata does ship internationally. According to BoF, Fernandez’s eponymous label has 21 designs registered in the EU and 20 in Australia.

Inamorata Swim has so far declined to comment but Ratajkowski did post a ‘90s era image of Christie Brinkley to the swim line’s Instagram page with the comment: “Pinterested this photo over 2 years ago and made a sample of it over a year ago. We all tap into vintage inspirations.”

It seems this is all Ratajkowski has to say on the matter for now but as the two styles in question remain sold out online, we have to wonder if they will ever be restocked. Fernandez reportedly gave Inamorata Swim until November 22 to respond to its letter before initiating legal proceedings. Now that the deadline has passed and we’re yet to hear of how it played out, we suggest you watch this space.

Source: Vogue