Letting Your Hair Dry Naturally Is Worse Than Using a Hairdryer

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Letting Your Hair Dry Naturally Is Worse Than Using a Hairdryer

It's long been believed that hairdryers and styling tools leave hair frazzled and damaged but that may not be the case, if one expert is to be believed.

Indeed, research by scientist and chief technology officer Dr Tim Moore has revealed that leaving hair to air dry naturally is actually more damaging for your locks than using a hairdryer.

He discovered that using a hairdryer at the right distance, correct temperature and precise step-by-step method can actually cause less damage than letting hair air-dry.

Explaining his theory, he said: 'When hair is wet, the hair fibre will swell and become weaker.

'Hence prolonged exposure to water will mean more chance of damage to the hair since it is in this weakened state.'

'Minimising the time you allow it to be wet is a good idea, but you need to dry it in the right way so as not to cause more unnecessary damage.'

Expanding on the science behind it, he explains that when hair comes into contact with water, it swells and the longer the swelling goes for, the more pressure it puts on the delicate proteins that keep hair intact, which can lead to further damage.


Scientist and chief technology officer at ghd, Dr Tim Moore, has come up with this formula to ensure the healthiest of hair is achieved when blow drying:


Start by using a scrunching motion when towel drying; do not rub the towel across hair when wet, hair is weak so is broken more easily.


Spritz wet hair with heat protect spray; this provides an invisible barrier against everyday heat damage and provides cuticle protection, preventing vertical cracks inside the cuticle which fundamentally causes split ends and irreversible damage.


Use a hairdryer (he rates the ghd Aura hairdryer) and start on a lower setting; high temperatures can cause damage to wet hair so start at the lowest setting and veryslowly increase the heat as hair becomes more dry.


When you start to feel the hair warm up, that's your signal to start to turn the setting up on your hairdryer to complete and set your style.

He explained: 'You need to treat hair carefully when it is wet. Wet hair is weakened which means that it is easily broken and damaged by high temperatures.

' In fact, the denaturation temperature of hair drops when it is wet, so you must be careful when drying. Start by towel drying in a scrunching, circular motion and before using a hairdryer, use a heat protect spray.

'Use the hair dryer on the lowest, cool setting so you don't heat the hair above the denaturation temperature. As the hair dries, the temperature can be increased since the denaturation temperature increases - you can feel this while drying as the hair will suddenly start to warm up. You can then set your style using the high temperature setting.'

Source: The Daily Mail