Nasrallah Says Israel Has No Interest in Waging a War Against Lebanon

Hezbollah Chief Hassan Nasrallah Friday stressed that Israel has no purpose in waging any war against Lebanon, saying that they are fully aware that such war will never lead to their victory. “If Israel conducts a war against Syria or Lebanon, tens of thousands of fighters from Yemen, Iraq, Afghanistan, and Iraq will join the battles,” Nasrallah said during a ceremony marking Al-Quds Day.

Lebanon’s Dumping of Toxic Garbage Into the Mediterranean Stinks of EU Corruption

The EU’s farcical ‘foreign policy’ in the Middle East is failing in Lebanon, where dumping toxic garbage into the Mediterranean Sea is creating a massive threat to the entire planet. But what’s the link with Syria’s refugees? Recently, a government minister here admitted that Lebanon’s policy towards its garbage crisis was to simply dump 2 million tons of toxic garbage into the Mediterranean Sea.