Judge Orders Halt to Landfill Dumping Amid Safety Fears

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Judge Orders Halt to Landfill Dumping Amid Safety Fears

Mount Lebanon's Urgent Matters Judge Hassan Hamdan Wednesday ordered a temporary halt to waste dumping at the Costa Brava landfill amid the growing fears that said site is posing a significant threat to civil aviation, asking the concerned ministries to put forth solutions to this issue.

Earlier during the day, Prime Minister Saad Hariri ordered the installation of more ultrasonic bird control devices near Beirut's airport knowing that it attracts scores of birds and, therefore, increases the risk of bird strikes that can damage or bring down aircraft.

"We are facing an emergency given the growing number of birds near the airport," Public Works Minister Youssef Finianos said after meeting with the premier following the Cabinet session at the Grand Serail.

"All the necessary measures will be taken," he assured, pointing out that the relocation of said waste landfill falls within the scope of the Environment Ministry's prerogatives.

A Middle East Airlines plane reportedly encountered a large flock of birds during its landing on the airport’s western runway on Tuesday, LBCI channel reported.

According to sources, the runway has been temporarily closed until this issue is resolved.

It is worth noting that Kataeb chief Samy Gemayel had made several warnings over the repercussions that the location of the Costa Brava landfill will entail, as he repeatedly described the waste dumping site as regarded as extremely hazardous to civil aviation.

"The waste dump should be moved away from Beirut's airport at any cost in order to avert a crisis that was so close to happen yesterday," Progressive Socialist Party leader Walid Jumblat tweeted.

Source: Kataeb.org