Gemayel Salutes Protesters, Vows to Keep Eyes Fixed on Main Target

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Gemayel Salutes Protesters, Vows to Keep Eyes Fixed on Main Target

Kataeb leader Samy Gemayel on Sunday saluted the Lebanese who took to the street today to express their opinion and protest against unfair taxes, saying that the Lebanese are demanding the rise of a state of law that they have long aspired for.

"Today, citizens from different sects and affiliations, were able to suspend the decision to impose unfair taxes against the people," Gemayel said in a news conference held at the Kataeb's headquarter in Saifi.

"People have accomplished a major achievement today by restoring confidence in themselves; they proved that they can make a change, reject, obstruct and aspire to a civilized state where they can live in dignity."

Gemayel called on the people, civil society groups and the political authority to assume responsibility as the country witnessed today a "historical moment", saying it is time to launch real reforms.

"People who protested today weren't targeting anyone. All the want is to introduce reforms, stop waste and end corruption," he said. "People want a real state to be built away from any settlement of political accounts. Let's seize this opportunity and make the needed reforms."

The Kataeb chief hoped that the momentum witnessed today would be preserved, calling for avoiding the mistakes made two years ago by civil society groups which failed to focus on one major target.

"Our battle now is focused on fighting corruption and stopping squandering. Once achieved, we will move to another goal."

Gemayel vowed to always say the truth, assuring that the Kataeb party will continue to derive its power from the people who, in turn, must believe that nothing is impossible.