The Lebanese Revolt Against Unfair Taxes

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Lebanese citizens flocked to the Riad El-Solh Square on Sunday to protest against the unfair taxes and the failure to introduce reforms so as to secure the funds needed to finance the salary hike for civil servants.

Partisans affiliated to several political parties and members of civil society groups gathered near the Grand Serail to make their voices heard.

The Kataeb's Deputy Secretary-General Patrick Richa said that the protest had skid off its main objective as some groups were trying to express the opinions regarding other issues, saying that the party had initially agreed with civil society groups to leave the protest site once speeches are over.

Asked about the premier's tweet calling on the protesters to form a committee that would relay their demands in a positive way, Richa stressed that the protesters' request are clear.

Prime Minister visited the Riad El-Soleh Square to address the protesters, assuring that the President of the Republic and the government will stand by their side in the fight against corruption.

The Kataeb supporters left the protest site at 14:30, pledging to carry on actions aimed at obstructing any tax hike and pressuring the approval of the salary scale while making sure that squandering and corruption are stopped so as to secure the needed funds.

Youth affiliated to both the National Liberal Party and Progressive Socialist Party withdrew from the protest as masked individuals infiltrated into the demonstration and sparked riot actions by attempting to remove the barriers placed by security forces.

Hamza Mansour made a statement on behalf of part-time public teachers, saying that the salary scale must not be funded by the poor and accusing the political authority of standing against the people.

“You know where to find the funds needed for the ranks and salaries scale,” Mansour added in an address to officials. “Stop squandering in ministries. Stop the extravagant aids to hundreds of associations that do not take care of the citizens. Stop corruption in all state institutions. Distribute the salaries scale based on the employee’s competence. Give the contractors the right for a LBP 15,000 increase per hour."