Kataeb Party: Lebanese Won't Keep Mum over Electoral Recklessness

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Kataeb Party: Lebanese Won't Keep Mum over Electoral Recklessness

The Lebanese Kataeb party on Monday warned against the growing dangers that are jeopardizing Lebanon, blasting the political authority for favoring dubious deals over the country's welfare.

"The authority's primordial concern is to tailor an electoral law that meets its interests or push either for illegal Parliament extension or fatal vacuum," read a statement issued following the weekly meeting of the party's politburo.

"In both cases, the Lebanese won't keep mum over the recklessness shown towards their right to determine their fate," it added, reiterating the need for a fair voting system that secures fair representation.

The politburo also sounded the alarm over the ongoing unrest at the Ain El-Helwe camp, slamming the state's inaction and idleness.

"Isn't it about time to clear refugee camps from arms?" it asked, wondering who is hindering this step knowing that the Palestinian president himself had urged action on this issue.

The party condemned the terrorist attacks that targeted two churches in Egypt on Palm Sunday, calling on the international community to assume its responsibility by eradicating extremism.

It also hailed the Engineers Order's election results as a victory for change power, urging the Lebanese to keep on seeking real reform.

Source: Kataeb.org