Saba Questions Insistence on Costly Power Barges Plan

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Saba Questions Insistence on Costly Power Barges Plan

Charles Saba, adviser to Kataeb party chief on public administration affairs, on Thursday blasted the proposed power barges plan, expecting this issue to be dismissed soon given that it has been widely regarded as a dubious deal.

Speaking in an interview on Voice of Lebanon radio station, Saba pointed out that the mechanism adopted by the government to deal with this plan violates the law, explaining that the Cabinet should have assigned the Tenders Department, not the Energy Ministry, to supervise this plan knowing that its cost transcends $100 million.

Saba called on the Parliament to respond swiftly to the Kataeb chief’s request to form a parliamentary committee that would probe the power barges plan.

Saba cast doubt on the insistence to rent power vessels although the exorbitant cost that it will entail, wondering why all the other, less expensive, proposals were rejected for trivial reasons.

“Alternative proposals that provide power supply within 60 days at a low cost were submitted to PM Saad Hariri, but rejected," he added.

“A power plan is urgently needed. A tender process must be launched to pave the way for anyone who can propose a transparent project that provides electricity to Lebanon,” Saba said.