Gemayel Deplores Unfair Women Representation in Parliament

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Kataeb Chief Samy Gemayel on Friday reiterated that the approved electoral law should have included a female quota in the Parliament.

“Had the Lebanese woman been able to be represented justly in the Parliament without a quota, the percentage of female lawmakers would've been more than 3% since 1953,” Gemayel said on his Twitter account.

Gemayel noted that the Lebanese women have won the right to run and to vote as a result of the struggle of the women’s movement, led by lawyer Laure Mghayzel, Chief of Women’s party organization, 1953, i.e. 64 years ago.

“Some people claim that there is no need to adopt the feminine quota for women to reach the parliament; however that is not true since we tried this method since 1953,” Gemayel said.

“Other countries have adopted quotas as a temporary measure in elections as a result the number of women in parliaments and governments increased; when the quota was eliminated later on, the number of female parliamentarians remained high; thus the quota proved effective,” Gemayel highlighted.

“Lebanese women were banned from running or being elected before 1953; the law may have been removed from the drafts but it is still the basis in practice,” Gemayel stated, noting that the quota is the essential input for the fair representation of women in the Lebanese parliament