Gemayel Says Iran Interference in Lebanon’s Affairs is Dangerous

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Gemayel Says Iran Interference in Lebanon’s Affairs is Dangerous

Kataeb MP Nadim Gemayel Saturday stressed that the Iranian interference in Lebanon’s affairs is very dangerous, saying that the crisis facing the country from two months till now is the parliament’s visit to Syria along with appointments.

“When the Lebanese government appoints an ambassador to Syria, it gives an impression of fortifying ties between the two countries,” Gemayel said in an interview with Voice of Lebanon radio station.

Gemayel pointed out that the battles were launched and ended; agreements, deals and exchanges were made but no one was informed of what was going on, highlighting that there was an Iranian decision controlling the country.

“We perceived who was invited to Syria and where instructions came from,” Gemayel added.

The kataeb leader questioned Hezbollah’s control over decision making in Lebanon when it comes to the presidency, the government structure, and the electoral law as all that has been suggested by the party was eventually approved on and implemented.

“Hezbollah is waging wars without the government’s approval,” Gemayel said, deploring Prime Minister Hariri’s method of regulating the cabinet.

"The party is dominating the Lebanese government as the Syrian regime has done during Syrian occupation of Lebanon in order to pass deals and political decisions," he said.

Gemayel urged the 14 March coalition to restore its fundamental principles of revolution because covering up on the President is paving the way for forces to take full control over the Lebanese state.

He also cautioned that any political victory is an additional exertion of control that does not belong to the Lebanese government, such as the case of Hezbollah in Arsal outskirts which benched the Lebanese army.

As for the parliamentary elections, Gemayel regretted that the parliamentary elections might not take place due to some factions not wanting it to happen calling on for a swift decision to hold parliamentary sub-elections.

Gemayel pointed out that there is a major economic crisis which is not the result of the ranks and salaries scale but due to Iranian occupation of Lebanon which distanced the Gulf and global investments, and tourists away from the country leading to an economic decline.

“If Hezbollah takes over decision making in Lebanon, the situation will deteriorate and the Lebanese youth will resort to immigration,” he pointed out.