Kataeb Chief: Salary Scale Funds Are Secured

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Kataeb Chief: Salary Scale Funds Are Secured

Kataeb chief Samy Gemayel assured to the public employees that the salary scale law will stay in effect as long as it is not abrogated by another law, saying that the state ought to give public servants the pay hike they deserve and must find the funding resources for that.

Speaking via LBCI, Gemayel reiterated that there is no need to impose taxes given that the cost of the salary scale has been secured for this year, explaining that the State's treasury has earned $800 million thanks to the banks' exceptional profits.

"If this is true, then the funds needed for the salary scale are guaranteed. If not, then they should tell us where the $800 million did go," he said, noting that the Finance and Budget parliamentary committee also scored a surplus of $1 billion.

"If they are seeking to impose additional taxes so as to fund their upcoming electoral campaign due to the lack of foreign financial support, then they should tell us that."

Gemayel stated that the Kataeb party had used the flaws marring the taxes law to challenge it before the Constitutional Council, adding that officials must take the initiative and amend it by cancelling taxes that affect the poor and middle classes.

Source: Kataeb.org