Kataeb Party Calls for Apprehending Bachir's Assassins, Says Verdict Brought Back Hope

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Kataeb Party Calls for Apprehending Bachir's Assassins, Says Verdict Brought Back Hope

The Lebanese Kataeb party on Monday hailed the "historical" verdict issued against the assassins of President Bachir Gemayel, demanding the authorities to take a swift action and bring the murderers to justice so that the death sentence would be executed.

In a statement issued following its weekly meeting, the Kataeb's politburo stressed that the ruling has brought back hope for building the state that the party has long sought, saying that this ruling must pave the way for justice to prevail in the assassination cases of Kataeb martyrs Pierre Gemayel and Antoine Ghanem.

The party condemned the attempted arson that targeted the Kataeb's office in Akkar over the weekend, calling on the authorities to apprehend the aggressors and those standing behind them.

"The Kataeb party assures that it won't be dragged into any reaction that the attackers are seeking," read the statement, pointing out that the attack was preceded by threats issued in the wake of the verdict in the assassination case of President Bachir Gemayel.

The Kataeb politburo also slammed the political settlement that secured the approval of the 2017 state budget without fulfilling the constitutional pre-requisite to finalize the audits of the previous years.

"The Kataeb party deems what happened as a blatant constitutional violation and a reflection of the overall performance of the ruling political authority that is legalizing violations, allowing chaos and rewarding those who have evaded taxes."

The politburo sounded the alarm over the Syrian refugee crisis in light of the alarming report indicating that the refugees, who now make up 40% of Lebanon's population, have costed the country $18 billion.

The party held the "divided" ruling class responsible for the repercussions that would result from any further delay in addressing this issue before it's too late.

Source: Kataeb.org