Hariri Puts Resignation on Hold to Allow Further Consultations

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Hariri Puts Resignation on Hold to Allow Further Consultations

Prime Minister Saad Hariri on Wednesday announced that he will put his resignation on hold after President Michel Aoun had asked him to reconsider it.

Speaking following a meeting with the President at the Baabda Palace, Hariri said that he had presented his resignation to President Michel Aoun, but that he was asked to "temporarily suspend it" so as to allow further consultations.

President Aoun asked to discuss the reasons behind my resignation and the circumstances that led to it, Hariri added.

"I expressed my agreement to this request, in the hope that it will form a serious basis for a responsible dialogue," he added.

“At this stage, our country requires exceptional efforts from everyone so as to protect it from dangers; therefore, we should commit to the dissociation policy to shield Lebanon from regional conflicts and to avoid anything that might harm ties with our Arab brothers,” the premier pointed out.

Hariri expressed his gratitude for President Aoun and Speaker Berri for the affection and the support they had shown throughout the past period, thanking all the Lebanese for their honest endearment.

Source: Kataeb.org