Gemayel Vows Unwavering Steadfastness, Warns History Will Have No Mercy on Ruling Authority

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Gemayel Vows Unwavering Steadfastness, Warns History Will Have No Mercy on Ruling Authority

Kataeb leader Samy Gemayel on Tuesday lashed out at the Justice Minister's request to refer his oil-related statements to the Judiciary so as to be probed, saying that it is his duty as a lawmaker to question any act that may seem as dubious to him.

"It is my duty as a lawmaker to inform the Lebanese about the hidden aspects of the oil exploration project," he said in a press conference held in Saifi.

"By referring my statements to the judiciary, you have officially allowed political meddling into the judicial authority's work," he stressed. "The Judiciary is being used for political purposes."

Gemayel wondered why Speaker Nabih Berri, MPs Walid Jumblat and Boutros Harb, former PM Najib Mikati and other officials who openly cast doubt over the power barges deal were not referred to the Judiciary so that their stances would be probed as well as his.

"You are being discriminating as you are only seeking to muzzle the opposition forces and pressure free people in Lebanon," he noted. "This referral indicts you because it encloses a blatant alteration as you premeditatedly omitted my stances related to the power barges deal which you are trying to evade due to the watertight evidence proving its illegality."

The Kataeb chief slammed the justice minister's claim that he was jeopardizing Lebanon's stability due to his stances, adding that such allegations bring back to minds the same accusations that were used during the Syrian tutelage era.

"Isn't the group using its weapons inside as well as outside Lebanon, and disrupting ties with other countries destabilizing the country?" he asked. "Are we the ones destabilizing the country just because we are trying to defend the Lebanese who are struggling to live in dignity in their country?"

"What was still missing is to replace the name of State Prosecutor Samir Hammoud with that of his predecessor during the Syrian tutelage era, Adnan Addoum," he stated.

"I advise the ruling authority to change its policy and performance because neither we nor the people nor history will have mercy on it," he stated.

Gemayel affirmed that the Kataeb party will continue to say the truth and defend the Lebanese people just like it did during the darkest days that the country had witnessed, pledging to keep on confronting the political settlement based on which the country is being ruled.

"We will continue to reject the political deal that relinquished Lebanon's sovereignty and paved way for shady deals," he vowed. "Not one will subdue us."

Commenting on PM Saad Hariri's decision to rescind his resignation after the government had endorsed a policy of dissociation, Gemayel deplored the failure to seize the "historical opportunity" that was presented to the local factions to make a drastic change, saying that the Lebanese were dragged into a state of confusion and despair for nothing.

"All the confusion that you made the Lebanese experience during the past month ended up with the same old settlement," he said.

"The government issued a statement endorsing a policy of dissociation as if it was the Lebanese state or the Army the ones that were involved in regional conflicts and interfering in the internal affairs of other countries," Gemayel stressed.