Hariri Retracts Resignation as Government Endorses Policy of Dissociation

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Hariri Retracts Resignation as Government Endorses Policy of Dissociation

Prime Minister Saad Hariri on Tuesday announced his decision to step back from the surprise resignation he had made one month ago in Riyadh, affirming the government’s unanimous approval of a policy of dissociation according to which Lebanon would stay away from regional conflicts.

“The government unanimously pledged commitment to its manifesto and to the president's inaugural speech in terms of dissociating the country from regional conflicts,” Hariri said following the first Cabinet session held after the crisis his resignation had cause on November 4.

The premier confirmed that all factions taking part in the government also approved a policy of non-interference in the affairs of other countries, and renewed abidance by international resolutions and charters as well as full compliance with the Taef Accord.

"The government pledged to adopt an independent foreign policy," he added.

Earlier during the session, Hariri stressed that he won't allow anyone to sacrifice Lebanon's stability, deeming the protection of the country as a top priority.

“We hope that this meeting will serve as a new chance for cooperation between local groups,” he noted.

“I firmly reject the interference of any other country in Lebanon’s affairs as I also refuse that any Lebanese party meddles into the internal affairs of other countries or attacks them through,” Hariri stated, outlining the need to prioritize the interest and welfare of Lebanese expats, especially those living in Gulf countries.

"We need to commit to the policy of dissociation, both verbally and practically," he stressed.

For his part, President Michel Aoun told ministers that Lebanon's stance throughout the recent crisis was aimed at defending the country's dignity, saying that all countries are equal when it comes to pride and honor.

"We refused that our country's dignity be insulted as we believe that countries are not measured by their size. Our position was based on not allowing any encroachment of our dignity by any authority in the world,” he said.

“We chose to take a stance of confrontation, not sympathy,” he added.

Source: Kataeb.org