Sayegh: New Political Settlement Is a Step Backward

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Sayegh: New Political Settlement Is a Step Backward

Kataeb’s Deputy-President Salim Sayegh on Thursday stressed that Lebanon must adopt a policy of neutrality, deeming the new settlement that secured the withdrawal of PM Saad Hariri's resignation as a step backward.

"It was necessary to opt for real neutrality which Hariri does not know its value in this country,” Sayegh said in an interview on Voice of Lebanon radio station.

“Hezbollah’s use of its weapons inside Lebanon and in Syria is the reason behind Lebanon’s instability. The crisis will only be protracted if this issue is not solved in a clear way," he stressed.

"Stability must be based on a clear and final understanding."

Sayegh condemned the recognition of Jerusalem as Israel’s capital and the decision to move the US embassy there, warning that this decision will disrupt and delay the peace process.

“Lebanon cannot skid off two basic pillars: First, the Arab consensus reached in the 2002 initiative which called for a two-state solution according to which Jerusalem would be the capital of Palestine; Second is the Vatican’s stance that holy places belong to all religions,” Sayegh explained.