Dagher: Kataeb Party Will Not Be an Easy Target in Elections

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Dagher: Kataeb Party Will Not Be an Easy Target in Elections

Kataeb politburo member Serge Dagher on Friday voiced confidence that the party will achieve gains in the upcoming elections, saying that it cannot be eliminated.

"The Kataeb party cannot be swallowed up easily. Some tried to bury us during the latest municipal elections, and ended up being buried themselves," he said in an interview on MTV.

Dagher stressed that it is up to the people only to decide whether the Kataeb should be part of the next Parliament, adding that the party will prove to many that it won't be an easy target in the polls.

“Voters must work on getting candidates who have the needed ethics and competence into the Parliament, regardless of the factions they belong to,” Dagher stressed.

The Kataeb official declined to confirm whether an electoral alliance will be sealed with the Lebanese Forces, saying that the Kataeb's political positioning is clear and unwavering and that a "friendly competition" will take place should the LF's viewpoints fail to converge with those of the Kataeb.

“We call on the Lebanese Forces party to join the opposition's ranks in the upcoming polls if it is no longer satisfied with the authority’s performance,” Dagher stated.

“As much as we differ from a large group of politicians, we are getting closer to the people,” he added.

Source: Kataeb.org