Environmental Expert Warns of Detrimental Damage of Incinerators

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Environmental Expert Warns of Detrimental Damage of Incinerators

Environmental expert Dr. Naji Kodeih blamed the state for mismanaging the waste crisis over the last 3 years, saying that it hasn't put forth any long-term solution to address this issue.

"The sites that the government is now expanding should not be called landfills. These are mere dumping sites," he told the Kataeb website.

“In all countries around the world, even the underdeveloped ones, there is no waste crisis as long-term plans are set out and production plants are established, knowing that waste is usually an investment factor everywhere, except in Lebanon where personal interests are favored over all else,” Kodeih said.

He explained that the ideal solution is to set up a management plan that includes sorting, recycling and treatment process that would discard 85 to 90% of garbage, while the rest would be dumped in landfills that respect environmental standards.

“The Costa Brava landfill does not meet the minimum required technical specifications,” he stated.

Kodeih stressed the need for an awarness campaign to incite people to sort their waste at home, saying that this file should be handled at a lower cost and a healthier way.

“After expanding landfills, the government will seek to establish incinerators natiowide; something that will entail full destruction of the environment and cause a higher risk of cancer, as well as water, air and river pollution” he warned, reiterating the detrimental damage and contamination caused by the burning of waste.

Source: Kataeb.org