Sources: No Apology, No Government

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Sources: No Apology, No Government

Sources close to Speaker Nabih Berri warned that the government's work may be hindered if Foreign Minister Gebran Bassil does not apologize for his "thug" comments.

"Prime Minister Saad Hariri was told that Bassil's failure to make a public apology means there will be no [presidential] term and no government,” the sources told Al-Akhbar newspaper.

According to information obtained by the daily, Berri is mulling the option of either withdrawing from the government or hundering its meetings.

"It’s no longer normal, after what happened, for the Amal Movement and Free Patriotic Movement ministers to sit in the same Cabinet meetings amid the prevailing tensions," sources said, casting doubt over the FPM's attempt to postpone the elections.

"The leaked video showed their true feelings and intentions. It would have been different if he was talking to a small group of his supporters, but he was addressing a vast people affiliated to different political parties.”

On the other hand, FPM sources said that Bassil will not apologize, noting that he had already expressed his regret in comments published by Al-Akhbar newspaper shortly after the video was leaked.

"The apology they are asking for would be an act of submission for us."