Kataeb Leader: Revolutionary Pulse Needed to Build a Nation

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Kataeb Leader: Revolutionary Pulse Needed to Build a Nation

Below is the translation of Kataeb leader Samy Gemayel's article published on Thursday as part of Annahar newspaper's special issue entitled "Together We Build a Nation".

Today's reality in Lebanon, which is steeped in flawed politics, a system that keeps generating crises, a worn-out administration and corruption, now requires a revolution in every sense of the word.

It is not necessary for the revolution to entail popular uprisings, as it certainly should not take a violent turn.

The revolution we need today is one that is engendered by the citizens' awareness when selecting their representatives; a revolution that sees the citizens fully aware of the nation-building mechanism.

In this regard, the building of a nation stipulates the exclusive rule of the legitimate institutions when it comes to drawing all policies and making all decisions.

The building of a nation requires a responsible freedom that enshrines intellectual and cultural pluralism, safeguards the rights of expression, and protects political activism under the limits of a real and effective democracy which allows different political projects and policies to compete for the people's support.

The building of a nation necessitates the rule of one, same law which must apply to everyone, without exception, without discrimination and without supremacy; one, same law that would be enforced justly so as to give every right holder what he is entitled to.

The building of a nation must be accompanied by political, economic and social reforms which start by granting all citizens the same rights as they would also have equal duties. A productive dynamic should also be launched so as to create job opportunities which would keep the Lebanese in their homeland, and secure them a decent life in which all basic rights, including education, healthcare and housing, are guaranteed.

The building of a nation requires a genuine and absolute equality between men and women, as well as the reduction of social differences by eradicating poverty and reviving the middle class whose presence is key on the intellectual, artistic and cultural levels.

The building of a nation necessitates full abidance by the Constitution and the development of the political system so that it would guarantee sustainable stability and peace, and secure the rights of individuals and groups alike without having to solicit any foreign interference from here or there.

The building of a nation would be achieved through a long-term planning which consists in developmental, economic and social visions and programs that would meet the citizens' needs.

Source: Kataeb.org