Richa: Kataeb's Platform Is the Pulse for a Better Lebanon

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Richa: Kataeb's Platform Is the Pulse for a Better Lebanon

Kataeb's Deputy Secretary-General and electoral campaign manager, Patrick Richa, on Saturday said that the party will be unveiling tomorrow its platform, adding that it is a comprehensive program which covers an array of issues under the title of "The Pulse of Tomorrow. The Pulse for a Better Lebanon."

In an interview on Voice of Lebanon radio station, Richa explained that the Kataeb's platform tackles all issues of main interest, be it politics, foreign policy, sovereignty, economy, society, and environment.

"We will be addressing all the topics that the Lebanese care about and that would lead to the establishment of a modern, renewable and viable state for the next ten years.”

"Tomorrow, we will tell the Lebanese that their vote counts and that they should not cast their ballot blindly after some political factions had disappointed them upon reaching the parliament in the previous polls and failed to commit to the programs they presented in 2005 and 2009," he stressed.

“The Kataeb party takes pride in the projects it is proposing. Sunday will be a remarkable day during which we will go over the work done by the Kataeb deputies since 2009,” Richa pointed out.