Sayegh: Kataeb, Lebanese Forces to Ally in Beirut and Zahle

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Sayegh: Kataeb, Lebanese Forces to Ally in Beirut and Zahle

Kataeb's Second Deputy-President Salim Sayegh on Tuesday announced that the party will be allying with the Lebanese Forces, along with independent candidates, in both of Beirut and Zahle electoral districts.

Sayegh told Voice of Lebanon radio station that the party is negotiating its electoral alliances based on the ideas and plans included in its platform.

Aside from Beirut and Zahle formations, Sayegh affirmed that other alliances are still being formed in other districts, notably in north Lebanon and the Chouf-Aley district, and will be announced later on.

In another interview held earlier on NBN, Sayegh stressed that the party will be forming electoral lists that are consistent with its convictions, stressing that there are standards in politics that one cannot dismiss.

"It is not enough to simply speak about fighting corruption when the performance is contradictory to statements,” he said in an interview on NBN channel.

“The Kataeb party’s platform is not difficult for those who have the will. It is regarded as complicated and far fetched by those who lack the necessary transparency,” Sayegh noted, highlighting that the party’s main goal is to serve the best interest of the country.

“What distinguishes us from other parties is that we turn our stances into actions and collaborate with forces that are capable of adhering to our principles and standards,” Sayegh stated.

“Our stances contribute to creating a public opinion; there are approximately 600,000 new voters who are expected to cast their ballot in the upcoming elections; half of them are seeking change and, therefore, it is our duty to provide them with alternatives,” he said.

Sayegh called on all the independent Lebanese who reject the current status quo not to opt for blank ballots because this will benefit the political groups that have been governing the country for years.