FPM Figureheads Criticize Controversial Budget Clause

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FPM Figureheads Criticize Controversial Budget Clause

While Free Patriotic Movement MP Ibrahim Kanaan is still fiercly defending the budget clause which grants foreigners a residency just by buying an apartment in Lebanon, his FPM colleagues don't seem to be sharing his viewpoint and enthusiasm towards said article.

MP Nabil Nkoula said that any budget clause that does not comply with the general accounting law is considered as null and void, noting that the contested article has a permanent effect while the state budget applies for just one year.

Nkoula said that the article was stealthily slipped into the budget, describing it "one of the most dangerous laws".

"One of the preconditions for the CEDRE conference was to help Syrian refugees," he stressed.

FPM's candidate for the Maronite seat in Keserwan, Chamel Roukoz, also criticized the budget clause, saying that it would have been better to solve the housing loans crisis so as to enable the Lebanese, not foreigners, to buy apartments in their country.

Source: Kataeb.org