Gemayel: Lebanese to Choose Between Two Approaches in Upcoming Elections

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Kataeb leader Samy Gemayel on Sunday renewed his call for steering Lebanon clear of regional conflicts, stressing the need to adopt the policy of neutrality so as to shield the country from external ripple effects.

"How do you want to dissociate Lebanon while defending one axis in the ongoing regional battle?" Gemayel asked during a tour that included Tarshish, Zekrit and Zabougha.

"We want Lebanon to be neutral so that it would work on solving its own economic, social and environmental problems and take care of its youths who are now no longer able to get housing loans."

"We have paid enough for wars. We want Lebanon to take a break and reconstruct itself," he stressed.

Gemayel affirmed that the Kataeb has chosen not to be part of the ruling authority and get involved in shady, moneymaking deals because it has always been loyal to the people, assuring that the party will never relinquish the cause which scores of martyrs had died for.

"Our cause is not to be sold for a presidential, parliamentary or ministerial seat," he said. "When the Kataeb sees Lebanon plagued by corruption and squandering, it must stand by the people's side and do whatever it takes to get the country back on the right track."

"Today, we are counting on people to get things straight once again in this country."

The Kataeb chief stressed that the party's goal is not to win the elections just to score a political victory, but to work for the sake of Lebanon.

"The voters in Metn want competent people who do not seek to serve their own personal interests," he said. "Voters will have to choose between the ruling authority's approach which will keep the current situation as it is, and our approach which is based on transparency and integrity."

"We hope that people will revolt against the status quo and make a resounding decision that would give us the strength to pursue our confrontation," he concluded.