Gemayel Pledges to Revive Forgotten Development Projects in Metn

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Gemayel Pledges to Revive Forgotten Development Projects in Metn

Kataeb leader Samy Gemayel on Sunday lashed out at the ruling authority for lying to the Lebanese over the Article 50 of the budget, warning that said clause risks relegating the issue of the refugees' return to the past by granting them a permanent Lebanese residency.

"Some are claiming that this article was amended by replacing the "permanent" residency with a "temporary" one, while the result would still be the same in both cases," Gemayel said in a meeting held at residence of Violette Ghazal, the Kataeb's candidate for the Orthodox seat in Metn.

"I wish someone could tell us who were the ghosts who amended this article outside the Parliament," he stated. "We fear that the ruling political class is selling the country."

"Beware of lies! I am only asking the voters of Metn to make their judgement based on facts, not lies."

Gemayel pledged to accord a paramount importance to issues that concern the Lebanese, notably the housing loans which have been made stricter, thus depriving the Lebanese from their right to acquire an apartment in their own country.

"While foreigners are being encouraged to buy an apartment and get a Lebanese residency, the housing loans have been halted, which is something that must be subject to accountability."

"We will keep speaking up loudly until a solution is found to this problem," he vowed.

Gemayel said that the $12 billion collected at the recent CEDRE conference are debts to be paid by the future generations, questioning the management skills of the Development and Reconstruction Council which will be in charge of supervising these funds.

“Our goal is not to win the elections in any possible way, but rather to improve the country and our children’s lives, knowing that some seats in other lists where sold in an auction to bring in candidates who have little to no knowledge of the country’s problems,” Gemayel said.

"I am very proud of the 'Pulse of Metn' list as we are offering the voters a new option that is facing the ruling authority's performance which is leading the country to an unprecedented situation."

“We will focus all our efforts to win the elections in Metn and get a large opposition force that can pressure the state to execute developmental projects and speaks on behalf of the people in Metn," Gemayel said, adding that he will seek to revive forgotten projects, notably the Ecochar plan which was set out 54 years ago.

For her part, Violette Ghazal Balaa vowed to enforce reforms if elected on May 6, hailing Gemayel as the only leader of the opposition in Lebanon.